Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Available for Foster and Adoption: Paulie

Hi!  Paulie came to us from Texas, where his life was saved by the generous offer from a foster home!  Please read his original story, and a note from his foster mom, and let us know if you can write the final, happy chapter of his life!  Paulie is a neutered, healthy male mixed breed dog, estimated to be over between 5-7 years old.  He is currently in foster, but needs a new foster home due to the upcoming travel of his current foster home!

"Paulie is a very special dog that will need very special people/person to love him!
My understanding is that he came from an abusive situation, yet Paulie is maybe the sweetest dog I have fostered to date.  
He is greatly appreciative of every, single small act of kindness he is given- from a tidbit of a treat to a good scratching behind the ears...once you gain his trust, of course.  Gaining Paulie's trust will take a bit of time but is proved possible!  Once he trusts you, you are golden.  
This precious dog has a perfectly clean bill of health!  I think Paulie will do well with a family/person that has a calm, low key lifestyle and has semi-low activity going on within the household.  He is wonderful company and a perfect companion dog (who is absolutely influenced by treats!).  

He will do well with or without other dogs in the household as long as they are friendly, naturally!
He's been around small children and other dogs and is perfectly behaved.  He does not have an aggressive bone in his body.  100% potty trained - never an accident! 

Also, side note...he likes to make a nest of socks if you happen to have them laying around.  He is very gentle and sneaky about it though- haha!
Please contact us for more information on this gem of a dog!"
 If you can foster or adopt Paulie, please fill out an application

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