Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two Pyrs Need Help in Joshua, Texas

We got wind of some beautiful Pyrs who need a foster, a rescue organization, or forever home in Joshua, Texas.  If you know anyone in the area who may be able to help, please pass them the info!

Two Great Pyrenees were dumped 3 weeks ago just outside city limits in Joshua Tx.  Misty, who took them in, is doing so against her lease agreement.  A rescue agreed to take them but backed out, Misty is willing to sponsor the boys vetting. She has horses on her property and cannot risk loosing her property due to violation of the lease.  The dogs need to move asap.

2 males intact males in good shape
1-2 yrs old
Friendly & playful
one is more dominate
the more dominate one knows the sit command
the boys seem house trained.  They are kept in her barn and they wait until she lets them out to potty. No accidents so far.

CONTACT:Misty 817-899-7646

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