Monday, October 31, 2011

20 Ways To Know You Are Officially A "Dog Person"

1.       I used to wipe my face after a dog “kissed” me.  Now, I only do it when others are watching.
2.       I know dog’s mouths are disgusting, but I still welcome the kisses without reserve.
3.       When I meet other dogs and their owners, I secretly beg inside for a sign their owner will be fine if I reduce myself to a toddler’s age so I can kiss and love on their dog.
4.       I’m super excited when socially conversations turn to “Dogs” so I can share my latest anecdotes.
5.       I’m super excited when I hear someone is going to adopt a new dog, so I can share my experiences.
6.       I used to put time into wondering if people were worth knowing, and now I make less effort when I learn they ‘love dogs’.
7.       I once kept a very clean bed.  Now, I just wipe the dirt from the dogs off and relish in the fact they’ll soon jump again in the bed and spread more dirt.
8.       My car used to look immaculate.  It would stress me out when it was a mess.  Now I look at the slobber stains and am thankful my new friends keep me down to earth.
9.       I used to worry about the appearance of my clothes.  Now, I know people know “she owns dogs” and my hairy pants are excused.
10.   No matter who they are, they know I am a dog owner.  They know their health is equal  to any other family member, and I will call out of work to attend to them.
11.   When the first question people ask me when catching up is, “so how are your dogs?”
12.   When learning of someone who surrendered a dog, you determine they are no longer worth knowing.
13.   I look forward to visiting the vet, just so I can talk more about my dog than I already do.
14.   If I haven’t thrown a birthday party, I’ve considered it.
15.   I’m positive I know all my dog’s “favorite things”, even though I can’t say the same for any human I know.
16.   If my dog doesn’t like you, neither will I.
17.   I somehow know every bump and imperfection on their body, but I hardly can say the same for my own.
18.   If I am single and dating, don’t worry about what my “friends” think.  Worry about how I will interpret how you interact with my dog.
19.   If my dog didn’t seem “right” this morning, it will ruin my day and I will obsess on it until I know they are okay.
20.   If you worry, no matter how many times you tell them, that your dog doesn’t understand how much you love them and cannot live without them, then you are officially a “Dog person”.

-by Shannon Murphy


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