Thursday, October 27, 2011

Insightful Words From a Veterinarian

"We who invite animals into our lives welcome the warmest happiness and the deepest sorrow.  Our relationship with these animal companions has evolved over thousands of years of increasing entanglement until they rely upon us, and we upon them.  In some ways, they are as people; in other ways they recall us to a simpler state of being.  Pets anchor us to the uncomplicated goods in life: straightforward devotion, the pleasure of placid rest in a sunny spot contrasted with rambunctious play, the tranquility too often absent from our lives.  We must lose these dear pets to death, but they have true immortality in the way which they have touched us to a depth beyond our humanity, and changed us for the better."

-Laurie A. Thornton, DVM

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  1. I look at these sites, missing my dogs and waiting for 5 o'clock so I can go home to my GoldenPyr Wendy and her bondmate, Bella--both rescues. They are love and shenanigans, wonderful bedfellows who great me each morning upon waking with such joy. I cannot imagine living without them, their love centers me and reminds me how lucky I am to have them.


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