Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Someone named me Henry"

"I can't wait to get outta' here.  I'm tired of hospitals!"

"I rest my head on the nice lady's leg when she visits me in the hospital"
Many of our blog readers are familiar with our friend, Henry.  Henry came into rescue over a month ago.  The past month has been tumultuous..

We knew that Henry stood a 50/50 chance of his ears not being able to be 'saved'.  His infection when we got him out of the shelter had been there *for years*, doing what we know not to be unrepairable damage.  We all tried hard.. fosters, doctors..  but it has been determined our sweet Henry does need surgery to remove both of his ear canals.  This will naturally render him deaf, but will spare him a life of ear infections, pain, and discomfort.  Henry is a strong guy, and he was also likely fully deaf before coming into our rescue, just due to the amount of inflammation and infection.

Henry's surgery will cost just under $2000.00.  I wondered tonight, if we had known it would have cost this much money to save Henry when we first met him at the shelter, would we have rescued him?  The answer:  YES.  He is amazing, and he deserves to know happiness.  But, we need help.

Naturally no rescue can afford this kind of care.  In order to save dogs like Henry, we must rely on donations in order to make it happen.  If you can help Henry, please do..  all money will go directly to his care.  If for some miracle we raise more money than needed, it will roll into our next great dog in need of great care.  Unfortunately there are so many out there!

Send a check to:
"Animal Health Care Specialists".. just say it's "For Henry"
  • 6701 Washington St
  • Denver, CO 80229
  • Phone: (303)288-6800
OR.. call and give them a credit card over the phone.  Again, just say it's for Henry's surgery.  They will know what you are calling for!

Thank you.. please share.
"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog the world will change forever"
Henry's Original Story 

8/31 Update!
Henry's surgery has been completed on both of his ears.  He did wonderful under anesthesia both times, and recovered smoothly.  I was able to be there with him today for his 2nd procedure.  His inner ear was revealed to be very unhealthy, squelching any concerns we had over whether we had made the right decision to do the surgery.  His ears were left to get diseased for *years*, and now, once he is healed, he will know a painless life for the first time.  His spirit remains unchanged: he is happy, affectionate, and didn't seem to mind too much over the whole thing.  After his 2nd ear was done today, he was READY TO GO!  He tried to hard to leave!  I can't wait to see how an amazing dog becomes even that more amazing when he's not walking around in pain every day.  Thank you to all who have supported our choice to rescue him, and who also have donated to his care.  You are all amazing people!  He still needs more fund raising, but we know we can get there.  

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