Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can you Foster?

There are some dogs down in Texas who really need some help.  We cannot take them into our rescue unless we have a foster home for them to go to.  We do not have a wide foster base, but we'd love to save even just a couple of these babies.  Please read their story.  Please share their story.  Please look at their faces and really consider if you have room in your home. If you can foster, please let us know..  you may be able to save a life.
  Never let the background of a dog deter you; dogs are forgiving, and Pyrenees retain their gentle and forgiving nature through the worst of circumstances.

"These dogs are all part of a cruelty seizure by Killeen Animal Control. They were rescued from a hoarding environment with very bad living conditions. These dogs are available to rescue only. Many of them are shy but not aggressive. They are considered URGENT. They need out ASAP or they will be euthanized. We are overloaded at KAC. I believe all of them have been de-wormed and given a first round of shots. They have also been heartworm tested. I believe some are neg and some are positive. But like I said, if the rescue is interested in any of them, let me know and I can get more info. For now, here are the pictures. I believe there are 7 pictured that need placement asap" 

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