Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting Ready For Warm Weather

Spring is here, and summer is soon to follow!  There are several ways we can get our Great Pyrenees ready for the coming seasons!  Here is an important check list of sorts, to ensure you are ready for the great warm weather to follow!

  • Purchase an undercoat rake.  This will help lift up all that undercoat that is ready to shed away to reveal that lighter, warmer weather fluff!  
  • Consider any events or trips where your Pyr may be exposed to direct sunlight.  While they do not have skin that is readily exposed, often their noses can become sunburned from prolonged exposure to the sun.  Purchasing a sunblock formulated for either dogs or human infants is a safe way to go!
  • Remember when walking your dog on warmer days, to take a moment to reach down and feel the pavement with your hand. Because we wear shoes, it's easy to forget our friends do not.   Remember their paws can be damaged by hot cement or streets, and it's important to not forget to feel what their paws are treading on!
  • Get your Pyr back on heartworm preventative, if they've been off (Year-round heartworm preventive is recommended).  Don't wait for the scorch of mid-summer to address preventing heartworm.  If they've been off of heartworm seasonally, it's advisable to get them tested for heartworm to ensure they are negative before you place them back on preventative.
  • Get prepared for long walks, by having water bottles and a receptacle to pour water into.
  • Remember, NEVER shave your Great Pyrenees!  Many owners think by ridding them of their heavy coats, they'll be better suited for warm weather.  Their coats play an important role in keeping their body temperatures proper, and they also protect their skin from the sun.  Their fur helps insulate them against warm weather as well as cold.
  • A great snack and way to cool your Pyr off is offering them ice cubes.  Many dogs love this as a fun snack, and it also helps cool them from the inside out!
We hope you and your dogs are looking forward to a fantastic spring and summer!

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