Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pyrs Coming to CO on March 17th Need Fosters!

The following sweet babies will be on their way to Colorado this coming weekend (March 17th), but only if they have fosters when they get here!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of the dogs below please email us at and we will put you in touch with the right people.  Animal Rescue of the Rockies will be facilitating their transport and adoption!

1 year old, 70# Great Pyrenees a lady called in as being a stray.  She was afraid he would attack her small dog and needed help getting him out of her yard.  One of the animal shelter volunteers went out and found the dog, only to find out what terrible shape he was in.  He had mange so severe that he couldn't even stand for long periods.  The mange caused horrendous swelling in his feet.  It was not only on his feet, but his belly, rear, tail, ears, face, and around his eyes.  That is when the shelter learned of his wonderfully, loving disposition and knew they had to do everything they could to get this sweet boy back on his feet.

Franklin has overcome the mange and is starting to grow his hair back in all the right places.  He is an awesome boy who adores human companion ship.  Franklin does great with other dogs, but doesn't so much love kitties.  He is also absolutely wonderful on leash!

2 year old, 65# Great Pyrenees.  He is somewhat aloof when he first meets people, but he will start to warm up.  He has been a LSG his whole life, so there may be some dogs he sees as a threat.  However, he did interact very well with a female Schnauzer mix.  He wanted to play with her and get to know her.  For the most part, he ignores the other dogs at the shelter, but he has not yet been cat-tested, nor has he been around kids, so we don't know how he is with either of them.

2 year old 60# Great Pyrenees who has been adopted our and brought back.  She is a sweet and loving girl who only wants to be loved and doted on.  She was brought back because she likes to chase deer.  Sue is great with children, house-trained, awesome on a leash and loves to be with other dogs when she is not with her human.  She prefers not to be in the company of feline friends.  She would like to continue to be an inside doggie!

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