Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can You Be My Foster?


UPDATE!  Snickers got adopted.  Thanks to everyone who cross-posted!

Snickers is coming into Colorado from a high-kill shelter in Wyoming.   Animal Rescue of The Rockies is picking up Snickers and a bunch of other dogs.  Snickers is a Great Pyrenees mix, and she just needs a foster home!  If you think you may be able to foster her, please email us so we can hook you up with someone at ARR, or contact them directly.

Here is more info on Snickers from one of the people saving her life:

Snickers is a 10 and a half month old Great Pyrenees mix. I think she might have aussie in her to, based on her body and tail (I could be wrong).  Snickers and her boyfriend were turned into our shelter because daughter has allergies to them. Her boyfriend has been adopted, but she is having a hard time here. She is fine with anyone outside of her kennel, but is growling and barky in her kennel.Therefore she can not go up for adoption. She is very shy, sweet and submissive. She lacks confidence too. Snickers is house trained and she knows come, shake, down/off, and sit. She is good with dogs she will play with them when she comfortable, but she is also cautious and fearful of them at first. I did dog test her and that is what we found too. She is ok with cats, she will chase them and be friendly with them, but has never hurt one in the past. She lived with kids between the ages of 3 and 18 years and was cautious and friendly with them also. Snickers likes runs,  car rides, toys, digging, fetch, walks, and tug-o-war. She is described as active and playful.

Please cross-post Snicker's story to every dog lover you know in Colorado!

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