Sunday, June 10, 2012

Banner's Second Chance


Abby found Banner early one morning during a thunderstorm. He was dirty, wet, scared, and limping. He just laid by her car looking for help. She took him to the vet where they took an x-ray that showed he had been shot in his left leg awhile back. The vet recommended he be put to sleep because his leg would have to be amputated.  They called animal patrol who took him and tried to locate his family. Abby called to check on him after a few days and they said they couldn't find his family, and he would be put to sleep that day. Abby talked to her vet and showing him the x-rays, and she decided to try and get him help. She contacted a local no kill shelter, who told her they already went to see him and wouldn't take him because of his leg. So Abby adopted him,  in hopes of finding him a great home. Banner went to her vet for a full check up and he told her that he was in great health, minus an ear infection that has since cleared up. The buck shot missed his joints and his leg was going to be fine.

  • Banner is a 2 year old male Great Pyrenees.
  • He currently is with Abby in Park City, Utah.
  • He is up-to-date on his shots.
  • He is *not* neutered.
  • He's very calm, very sweet, and loves to cuddle his head on your lap. 
  • He loves walks and being outside, but also loves being around people. 
  • He gets along great with other dogs, I have yet to see him around cats, other animals or kids. 
  • He does have some broken teeth that the vet said can either be fixed or left alone (as they don't seem to bother him). 
  • I've actually never heard him bark, but sometimes he does cry when he wants to hangout with you or needs something. 
  • He was weary to go in the car at first, and whens he's in there he's a little unstable, but now he loves it and is always trying to get in the car to go for a ride when we walk past it. 
  • He tries to bite the leash when he doesn't want to go the same direction as you, but is good about stopping when you say NO. 
  • He isn't totally housed trained, but is getting better at it. He rarely even pees on the porch and waits to be brought to the grass to go. 
  • He does not know any commands, but is catching on to COME, NO, OK, and GOOD BOY. 
  • He doesn't know to stay behind gates if you put them up, and will walk through them. 
  • He is very smart and recently figured out how to open doors, even ones that you have to pull in, but is never troublesome when he gets out he just wants to hang out. 
  • He really is one of the sweetest nicest dogs I have ever met, he has a very cute and funny personality and really just wants to be loved. I really hope he can find a great home with a family who loves him as much as he will love them.

Banner found a guardian angel the day he waited for Abby at her car.  He must have known she'd stand by his side and save his life.  Unfortunately, Abby is not able to provide his forever home.  It was never an option to keep this amazing boy, but she knew his life deserved to be saved.  Now we are trying to help Abby write the last chapter to this amazing story of rescue and love.

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