Friday, April 6, 2012

Success Story - Tess

Adopted February 28, 2009 by Sara Q.

Tess has been such an amazing addition our household!  I had two cats before Tess adopted me and she has fit in with them beautifully!  One of the kitties was six years old when I adopted her and she was afraid of her own shadow even after living with me for a few years.  Incredibly she loves Tess and is not afraid of her at all!  She loves to rub up against Tess’s snout and Tess patiently lets her.  

Tess has enamored my aunt and a friend who watch her when I travel.  They both claim Tess as part of their family as well.  She has an ability to make people fall in love with her without even trying.  

Tess is now almost 11 years old and has some of the common health challenges of a Pyr her age.  Her back hips are weak so she goes to physical therapy every Saturday and it has made a world of difference in her strength. Of course, she still loves her daily walks and patiently stops for all the people who want to love on the “polar bear”.  Of course, like many Pyrs she likes to think of herself as the boss and we often have to discuss who gets to sit in the big chair!  Tess and I both owe so much to Dawn and CGPR for bringing us together!

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